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Ecran 23 Pouces Bluetooth

CM1900C: Ecran possédant tous les tests nécessaire à l'examen de vue

CM1900P: Ecran Polarisé possédant tous les tests nécessaire à l'examen de vue

CM1900 C ou P

PriceFrom €1,690.00
Excluding VAT |

Panel: 23.6'

Pixel Format: 1920×1080

Includes polarizing test, can do double eyes balance test

Red & Green deepness adjustment

Contrast test

Color Blind: ISHIHARA test


Randoct: number randomize

Many kinds of language are available

Sound Volume adjustment

Screen Brightness adjustment

Auto shut off time adjustment



Can be hung on the wall by a bracket

Can stand on ground by a support

Can be set on the table

Working distance: 2m-6.5m(0.25/step)

The chart's size can be calibrated automatically according to the working distance

The best working distance is 3m-6m



Panel: 23.6"

Pixel pitch: 0.2715mm

Max.brightness: 300cd/m^2

Max. contrast ratio: 1000:1

Max. resolution: 1920×1080

Energy consumption: 4.5W

Net weight: 5.0kgs

Gross weight: 7.06kgs

Dimension: (with stand) 190×415mm×554mm

Dimension: (without stand) 50×340mm×554mm

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