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FA650R Auto-réfractomètre 

FA650K AutoRèf-Kératomètre 

FA650 R ou K

PriceFrom €3,290.00
Excluding VAT |

Measuring range:Sphere(SPH)-20D~+20D(VD=12)0.12D steps
                Cylinder(CYL)-8D~+8D 0.12D steps
                Axis(AX)0°~180° 1°steps
Vertex distance(VD):0mm,12mm,13.75mm
Pupil distance(PD):45mm~85mm,1mm steps
Min.Pupil size:φ2.0mm
Ref mode: Refractometry
Chart:Auto fog
Dispiay:5" CRT Monitor in black and white
Print:Thermal printer
Power supply:AC 100V~120V/220V~240V,50/60Hz
Dimensions(packing):655mm(L)x 530mm(w)x 670mm(H)

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