Image device

Accessories:                       Beam splitter,digital SLR camera adaptor with canon EF mount,software (v 1.0),baclite background light source

Options:                            Computer,printer

Functions:                    Still image and live video acquisition,patient information management,inspection report outport

Image acquisition device:      Digital SLR camera(CANON EOS series)

Viewfinder:                  Microscope eyepiece, camera viewfinder, camera LCD, computer screen

Transmission interface: USB

Power supply:               Battery(with one backup)


Microscope type:                      Galilean system

Magnification changer:         Revolving drum(5 steps)

Total magnification:             6X,10X,16X,25X,40X

Ocular magnification:                 12.5 X

Ocular field:                       Ø18mm

Inter pupillary distance:        52mm~78mm

Ranger of adjusting eyepieces:   +6 to -6 diopters

Object image field Ø in mm:  34.7(6X),22(10X),13.5(16X),8.5(25X),5.5(40X)

Slit illumination

Slit image width:                 0~14mm continuous

Slit image length:                1~14mm continuous

Light source:                      6v/20w halogen incandescent light bulb

Slit image radial range:   0~180°

Filters:                        Heat aborption,grey,redfree(green),cobalt blue

Illumination fields Ø in mm:0.2/1/2/3/5/10/14/1~14mm continuous

Illumination intensity:           ≥50KLX

Produit approuvé par la FDA


S350-DC Lampe à fente

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