Réfracto B

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Sphere power range:+16.75d~-19.00d,with minimum
reading 0.25D or 0.12D(when +0.12D auxiliary lens or optional
±0.12D lens in use)+26.75D~-29.00S(when optional ±10.00D
lens in use)
Cylinder power range:0~-6.00D,with minimum reading
0.25D or 0.12D(when +0.12D auxiliary cylinder lens in use)
0~-8.00D(when -2.00 auxiliary cylinder lens in use)
Cylinder axis:0-180°,5°steps
Cross cylinder:±0.25D reversal,±0.50D optional
Rotary prism:0△~20△,1△ step
PD adjustment:48mm~80mm,1mm step
Forehead rest adjustment:16mm
Convergence adjustment:the optical axes of the lenses are
aligned at a distance of 400mmm from the vertexes of the
cornea(2mm each for right and left inward),interpupillary
distance enabling convergence = 57mm to 80mm
Corneal distance device:2mm forward and 5mm backward
from standard plane with scale
Effective field of view:19mm

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